Accord Assist

Where Relationships Matter™

You have heard the old business adage:  “It’s not who you are, it’s who you know.”

Your success, whether professionally or personally, likely depends in no small part upon the relationships that you have created, built and preserved over the years.  However, with any relationship comes occasional conflict.  Too often, a dispute with a client, a partner or key employee, or even a family member can overwhelm and irreparably damage the relationship that was a valuable part of the success of the people involved.

At Accord Assist we offer mediation and alternative dispute resolution services that focus on the 360 degrees of the relationship between the parties.  Our mediation services allow the parties to resolve potentially devastating issues, avoid expensive and protracted litigation, and preserve meaningful and successful relationships for a lifetime.

Mediation rapidly is becoming the communication of choice for those who recognize the time and expense of litigation and the inherent risks of the judge and jury system.  Mediation with a trained mediation attorney can accomplish a swift, economical and often more satisfying method of resolution.

Our senior lawyer, Shawn Tacey is a trained mediator with diverse  experience that sets him apart from other mediators.  Mr. Tacey has focused his twelve years of practice more often in the board room where business communication is it’s most keen.  Throughout, Mr. Tacey has provided counsel to achieve our clients’ financial enrichment with an eye to their personal satisfaction.  It is the totality of his experiences and the compassion that abides in him that has moved Tacey Law Group to offer a focused mediation practice that provides a place of refuge where resolution and healing may be possible.

Our team will work with you through a series of steps identifying and dealing with the underlying interests that are essential for the mutually beneficial resolution of your dispute.  As mediator, Mr. Tacey will help you define issues, identify motivations, gather and analyze important information and, most importantly, develop communication that not only can resolve your dispute but also strengthen your relationship.

Accord Assist emphasizes dispute resolution between:
  • Employers and Key Employees
  • Board Members, Partners, Investors and Shareholders
  • Estate Beneficiaries